And from the tattered shreds, of once so great a mind
Sprang forth poetic threads, one strand at a time.

~ Simon Champion ~

Simon Champion, the poet and author of this web site, is a computer programmer by trade and a committed Christian. He lives in southern England, but has also lived in various places during his life, including spending a number of years in South Africa. At the time of writing he is in his late 20s. He has been writing poetry (and other forms of writing) since before he can remember, and he is also currently working on his first novel. He has finally got round to creating this web site to help share his poetry with the world.

His hobbies include almost anything related to computers or writing, as well as chess, gliding and jokes. As well as this web site, he also runs; a site featuring hundreds of the corniest jokes ever and, which is his web design home page.

If you wish to contact Simon, either regarding writing or web design, you can send him an email by clicking here.